Over Home Info D.O.I. Prince Nobility Noblesse Contact  Copyright - all rights reserved - Noblesse IDmaker - www.idmaker.nl Principality Beauluna  souvereign and independent since 2000
Prince Michel Regalia above: Order of Beauluna and breaststars of the Order of Beauville, Order of St.Anna and the Duchy ofBohemia
The prince and his functions The new owner of this piece of ground, the firm Noblesse, named its founder ; Michel : Prince of Beauluna,  Grandmaster in the order of Beauluna. Grandmaster in the order of Beauville He already has an impressive list of titles; Duke of Hay-on-Wye  Earl of Welton  Graf von Bistermund  Graf von Natterfeld-Zmiewski Comte de Beauville  Count of the Grand Dukedom of Eastprussia Graaf van Maher Baron of the Duchy of Bohemia Baron of Flandrensis Baron of Sealand Laird of Camster Laird of Glengairn Laird of John'O Groats Laird of Glenmore  Laird of Lochaber Knight of Militia of orthodox Knights of St. Anna ( no longer since february 2022 due to moral objections) Knight grand commander in the order of St. Andrew of Jerusalem Luitenant Commander of the Grand Dukedom of Eastprussia There has been choosen for the title of prince instead of king because it of course isn't really possible to live in the area.