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Noblesse IDmakers Beauluna is divided into three counties;  Welton, Beauville and Bistermund. Within these counties may be appointed barons (a baron is someone who in the past o btained use of land within a county, but now mainly a ceremonial function. All transactions are legal and the titles have also the same right as all current existing titles. The declaration of independence or Beauluna says that anyone who is willing to help with the construction of this new state, in deeds, or thoughts, with the approval of the Prince of Beauluna, c an become a member of the new established order of heraldic Beauluna. A new state with a new heraldic issue arose which also allows you to enter the "new aristocracy". Purchase a title ! A title  for yourself or as a gift to someone else. I got a credit card from American Express and it was possible to add the titel "Duke" on my card. A title wil be a lasting gift for a jubilee. Several titles are available in the order of Beauluna. There are heraldic titles and noble titles. You can choose from the following titles: Heraldic titles Knight of the Order of Beauluna Commander of the Order of Beauluna Grand Commander of the Order of Beauluna When you buy a title you get a nice certificate on A4 format (20.9 x 29.7 cm)  The text on the certificate: The Prince of Beau Luna declares to assign to: "Your Name" The Title of Your rank in the order of Beauluna That he and all the host issuing from his loins shall enjoy all the rights an prerogatives of that high calling inasmuch as he shall remain our true and loyal subject. For his contribution to the state, being a loyal subject or for promotional work for the monarch or Beau Luna in words or deeds, for now, the past or the future. Long live Beauluna! The certificate bears the signature of the prince, also Grandmaster of the Order of Beauluna, and carries his seal. Framed this document is a beautiful ornament to the wall. The certificate gives you a print with information about the history and status of Beualuna. Noble titles Baron or Baroness (Baron of Beauluna) The title of Baron is the title above the title of Knight. A baron is usually someone with use of a county land. Count or Countess (Count of Beauluna) The title of count is above that of baron. Formerly a director of a region. Marquis or marchioness (Marquis of Beauluna) The title of marquis is between the title of Count and Duke. It is a very very good title to the imagination. Duke or Duchess (Duke of Beauluna) The title of Duke is the highest among those of the royal titles, a former army captain, a cting in the name of the king. Besides the general headings of Beauluna, there are also titles in counties within the monarchy. Baron of Welton (  Baron of Welton), a title of the principality Beauluna Baron of Beauville (Baron de Beauville), a title of the principality Beauluna Baron of Bistermund (Baron von Bistermund), a title of the principality Beauluna  
Principality Beauluna  souvereign and independent since 2000 NOBLESSE IDMAKERS NOBLESSE IDMAKERS
Bistermund Welton