about the independent Principality Beauluna
June 29 2011
On Facebook we found a profile "Principality Beauluna"
At our request, the profile, that was not ours, was deleted by Facebook.
We now have our own profile "Principality Beauluna"
May 2015      15th anniversary

February 2013

Ribbons had been ordered for the Knigt, Commander and Grand Commander in
the Order of Beauluna
And voor de Grand Commander
in the Order of Beauville

October  2012
Prince Michel donated a Christmas card from queen Beatrix of the Netherlands  for a charity auction.

August  2012
New medal and certificate for Knight in the Order of Beauluna.

July 2012
Micronational Conference in London july 2012
Grand Duke Niels ( Flandrensis) with the Beauluna Breaststar and sash.

July 2011
Informal meeting in Gent with representatives of Micronation Flandrensis.
Prince Michel with Grand Duke Niels of Flandrensis and Prime minister Hein of Giddis.
Photo on the right. Prince Michel in castle Gravensteen.

July 2011
baron Doktah D.of Beauluna
with sash of nobility
and the coat of arms of
the principality Beauluna
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